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UKW Switch 3-1-E
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UKW Switch 3-1-E Combination well: hot/cold, self contained

  • EU500321
- Refrigerated well with switch function for quick switchover possibility between cold and hot...meer

- Refrigerated well with switch function for quick switchover possibility between cold and hot operation – optimally matched to 24/7 operation
- Air-curtain cooled well that can be used in a variety of ways for the best-possible energy efficiency in ongoing operation, quick reaction possibility to time-of-day based demand.
- Heating mode: Presentation area made of black glass with underlying hotplate for optimum heat transfer to your food; a matching, switchable heated cough guard is required for this mode of operation
- Pressure-foamed inner well, welded tight in a hygienic design; wrap-around hook-in rim
- Coated, circulating air fin coil evaporator with fan, low-voltage, can be folded up and rinsed
- Temperature control by means of ST501 control unit with temperature display, speed control of the fans, as well as on/off switch
- Fully-automatic defrosting; condensate drain HD 30; condensate drain required on-site
- Made of high-quality stainless steel type 1.4301
- Easiest cleaning and perfect hygiene

Temperatures COLD:
Product temperature: -1°C to +7°C (Class M2)
Air temperature: +5°C
Tempteratures HOT:
Product temperature: > +65°C (in combination with thermal bridge)

Connected load: 1072 W – 230V/50Hz
Dimensions (WxDxH): 1050 x 660 x 390/655 mm

Breedte: 1050
Diepte: 660
Hoogte: 655
Versie: E
Inbouwopening breedte: 1060
Inbouwopening diepte: 665
Binnenbak breedte: 980
Binnenbak diepte: 535
Binnenbak hoogte: 140
Stroomverbruik (koud): 312 Watt
Stroomverbruik (warm): 0,76 kW
Spanning Volt: 230V
Spanning Hz: 50Hz
Spannung W: 230V
Koelmiddel: R134a
Koelvermogen: 520 Watt bij VT -10°C
Energieverbruik kWh 24u: 17,7600
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