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Tropical Flaps 60-70-E
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Tropical Flaps 60-70-E Display case w. flip-up doors - self cont.

  • EU537630
- Optimally matched self-service display case with temperature range 3M1 (air temperature +2 °C...meer

- Optimally matched self-service display case with temperature range 3M1 (air temperature +2 °C and product temperature M1: -1 °C to +5 °C)
- Display case that can be used in a variety of ways for the presentation of cold snacks on multiple levels
- No condensate formation on the soft-close removal flaps thanks to the integrated window ventilation (double air-curtain)
- Air-curtain cooling for the best-possible energy efficiency in ongoing operation, temperature control by means of a control unit with temperature display
- Inclined positioning of the intermediate shelf for first-class view of the product assortment
- Soft-close removal flaps made of tempered safety glass with integrated soft-close system for convenient food removal; optimum spit and cough protection and the best energy efficiency
- Hinged door on operator side made of insulated glass with two-way mirror
- Side windows made of insulating glass
- Transparent construction
- Long-lasting LED lighting on all levels
- Incl. price tag holder
- Easiest cleaning and perfect hygiene
- Self-contained: With refrigerant R134a; fully automatic condensate evaporation for self-contained model

Product temperature: -1°C to +5°C (Class M1)
Air temperature: +2°C
Connected load: 449 W – 230V/50Hz
Dimensions (WxDxH): 600 x710 x 700/1335 mm

Warenpräsentationsfläche: 0.66
Breedte: 600
Diepte: 710
Hoogte: 1335
Versie: E
Inbouwopening breedte: 580
Inbouwopening diepte: 670
Stroomverbruik (koud): 342 Watt
Jaarlijks energieverbruik kWh: 1193,5500
Energie-efficiëntie-index: 17,1185
Spanning Volt: 230
Spanning Hz: 50
Koelmiddel: R134a
Koelvermogen: 520 Watt bij VT -8°C
Energie-efficiëntieklasse: B
Temperatuurklasse: M1 -1 +5
Energieverbruik kWh 24u: 3,2700
Klimaatklasse Koelkasten: 3
Norm: EN ISO 23953-2
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