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Surcharge of 6% to all our offers from starting with August 1st, 2021

Dear friends and business partners!

Meanwhile, we all adapted to the lingering pandemic situation somehow. Thank you for your continuous great work. The market feels vibrant, the outlook and order situation is prosperous. Global supply chains, however, have not been recovering or catching up yet.


Adaption of our current surcharge
Manufacturing premium appliances and on-time delivery are highly affected by the availability of raw materials, various components and reliable transport services. Moreover, these resources come with an unprecedented increase in prices.

Unsurprisingly, we were forced to introduce a price surcharge in August, adding 6 % to our base prices of 2020. We fully understand, that passing these surcharge on to your customers was rather difficult. While other manufacturers have increased their prices twice or more already, we really tried to stabilize our offering as long as economically reasonable and possible.

From February 2022, the surcharge for some product categories will be individually adapted to partially soften the increased production cost.
Direct implementation
In order to facilitate the communication and ordering processes for you and for your customers, we will soon update all prices in our online catalogue accordingly.

When exchanging product data via catalogue interface or via import files, the lists will display valid prices only. Thus, no manual calculations or individual adaptations in your ERP systems will be necessary.
New price list 02/2022
The surcharges listed below (right column) replace the current surcharge and are added to the 2020 base prices.

Product group current surcharge from 02/2022
Counters for beverages 6 % 8 %
Refrigerated counters 6 % 10 %
Refrigerated wells (no glass) 6 % 6 %
Refrigerated display cases 6 % 6-8 %
Refrigerated display cases for meat and cheese 6 % 8 %
Wine cabinets 6 % 8 %
Heated display cases 6 % 8 %
Combination / Switch display cases 6 % 8 %
Ice cream storage counters 6 % 8 %
Waste coolers 6 % 10 %
Honey cabinets 6 % 15 %
Spare parts 6 % 8 %
Thank you for your appreciation of the situation and your continued support!
Please share this information with your teams as soon as possible.

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