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Convenience Tower 80-E
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Convenience Tower 80-E self contained

  • EU500461
Daily concept: for presenting a change of meals around the clock - easy handling, quick

Daily concept: for presenting a change of meals around the clock - easy handling, quick assembly and total flexibility.
Maximum space: hot and cold drinks are promoted on a minimal footprint, thanks to four different presentation levels.
Three in one: heating area, cooling area and neutral ambient presentation, all in one appliance.
Perfect food heating by primary Ceranglass plate (ceramic glass) and infrared heating on two levels which can be individually controlled.
Cooling area with presentation level and sliding bottle service.
Perfect view: high transparency for a perfect view of all goods on offer.
Just in time: Perfect response to changing customer traffic with 100% guest orientation.
Polished, stainless steel back wall with mirror effect, for visual expansion of the sales area.
Continuous LED lighting with an attractive, natural colour reproduction, illuminates the food and drinks on offer.

Special equipment surcharge: Service station including partitions for napkins and disposable table-ware; integrated hand blind as a night cover.

Temperatur: air 5°C / product M2 / 3
refrigerant: R 134a
power consumption: 230V-50Hz, 2200W;
DIM.: (WxDxH) 800x800/880/1530 mm

Largeur: 800
Profondeur: 800
Hauteur: 1600
Version: E
Consommation électrique: 2240 W
Consommation électrique (chaud): 2,12 kW
Voltage Volt: 230V
Tension Hz: 50Hz
Spannung W: 230
Fluide frigorigène: R134a
Capacité frigorifique: 915 W à TE -10°C
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