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DIF 3-38-E PRO
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DIF 3-38-E PRO Baker’s counter: self-contained

  • EU254811
Completely made of stainless steel all visible sides polished Inner well welded tight in a... more

Completely made of stainless steel
all visible sides polished
Inner well welded tight in a hygienic design
deep-drawn condensate drain HD 30
fully-automatic defrosting
electronic controller with digital temperature display
coated fin coil evaporator with circulating air – can be folded up for cleaning
Polyurethane rigid foam insulation (compression-moulded)

Width: 1285
Depth: 760
Height: 691
Modell: Pro
Version: E
Display area width: 1215
Display area depth: 617
Power consumption: 417 Watt
refrigeration : R134a
Cooling capacity: 720 Watt bei VT -10°C
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Exploded view

Condensing unit R134a 650 Watt V12.11/SE-113 (EK008255)

TW cup 15-18 (86006888)

Expansion valve TUB ORIF 2 R134A 1,0 Kw (00716021)

Fastening material for Hot gas condensate evaporation (00393028)

Flat siphon 32 mm PP white (00725321)

Evaporator R134a W 300 x D 120 x L 1020/1120 mm for Brillant Euro, EURO, UKWS, Snack 3 (00393111)

Display for control unit (Störk) for all models (00393294)

Control unit (PCB and display) without housing Störk Type ST501-KU3KAR.112FP - 20Watt (00393290)

Control unit (board and display) incl. housing 20 Watt (00722213)

Temperature sensor, return air PTC -35/+105 (compartment sensor, black) (00393298)

Temperature sensor, defrost PTC -35/+105 evaporator sensor, yellow) (00393295)

Pneumatic spring 16-2-176-150-A107-B101-450N 16-2-176-150-A107-B101-450N (00725101)

Evaporator fan 1,2 Watt Size 119 x 119 x 32 mm (00393005)

safety guard metal large (00722311)

Inner wall intake DIF 3-38 (00731438)

Inner wall exhaust DIF 3-38 (00731419)

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