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Take Away Basic GE-77-Z
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Take Away BASIC GE-77-Z remote refrigerated

  • EU536255
SQUARED GLASS TOP - Minimal space concept for hot food and chilled beverages in a very small... more


- Minimal space concept for hot food and chilled beverages in a very small space
- Heated display case with 3 heat sources: moist heat, infrared supporting heat and primary heat – settable by means of pictogram control
- Visual and acoustic indicator of water requirement as well as easy topping up of the water tray without removing the product
- Refrigerated counter with bottle slider system; variable hook-in frames for adaptation to different bottle dimensions
- Use as display case with service or for self-service through slide-in front glass
- Glass enclosure made of tempered safety glass
- Operator side with removable and mirrored hinged doors made of one-way mirrors
- Fold-up mirror for optical multiplication of the food under the removable cutting board made of Poly-Hygiene
- Operator side with full extension drawer for easy and uncomplicated stocking
- Control unit with temperature display and pictogram control installed in the installation compartment, speed control of the fans, as well as on/off switch
- Long-lasting LED lighting per level
- Easiest cleaning and perfect hygiene
- Remote refrigeration: Expansion valve R 134a, lines lead into the installation compartment on the side, drain required on-site

Temperatures COLD:
Product temperature: -1°C to +7°C (Class M2)
Air temperature: +5°C
Tempteratures HOT:
Product temperature: > +65°C

Connected load: 2075 W – 230V/50Hz
Refrigeration capac.: 825 W at ET -8°C
Dimensions (WxDxH): 995 x 865 x 1334 mm

Modell: squared
Width: 995
Depth: 1065
Height: 1334
Version: Z
Power input cold: MEMO
Voltage volt: 230
Frequency Hz: 50
Refrigeration : R134a
Cooling capacity: 830 Watt at VT -8°C
Energy consumption kWh 24h: 7,5600
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