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Snacky WK GE-151-Z
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Snacky WK GE-151-Z SNACK Line - remote cooling

  • EU521291
Two in One: Heating and cooling in a single device. Primary heat plate and long-wave infrared... more

Two in One: Heating and cooling in a single device. Primary heat plate and long-wave infrared warming bridge to keep food warm. Energy efficient cooling and neutral shelf.
Easy Change: Lift-up front glass with simple handle, for the option of assisted or self service mode. No need for tools.
Space: 120 cm wide, 7 ½ GN presentation and footprint.
Fresh Preparing: Retractable cutting boards revealing storage for hold and cold ingredients for daily business and individual customer requirements.
Daily Concept: Presentation from morning to late in the evening, easy handling, flexible and fast changeovers.
Perfect View: Highly transparent providing the perfect view of the food on offer.
Just in Time: Respond quickly to the change in customer frequency. 100 % guest orientation.
Impulse Purchase Boards – Additional presentation area, at customer eye level, for warm and unrefrigerated food.
Polished, mirror effect steel inner walls for visual extension of the presentation area.
Continual LED lighting with natural colour rendition.
Full use of the presentation area by using different GN pans together with a range of decorative accessories.

voltage: 230 V 50 Hz
temperatrue COLD: +5°C
temperature hot: +65°C bis +85°C
refrigeration capac.: 480 Watt at VT-8°C
power consumpiton cold: 40 Watt
power consumption hot: 2,8 KW
DIM.: (WxDxH) 1510 x 1115 x 1435 mm

Width: 1510
Depth: 1115
Height: 1435
Version: Z
Power consumption: 1847 Watt
Voltage volt: 230V
Voltage Hz: 50Hz
Cooling capacity: 600 Watt at VT -8°C
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