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Green OE-112-70-E PRO
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Green OE-112-70-E PRO Built-in refrigerated display case: self-contained

  • EU354181
Glass enclosure: squared design with double-glazing on the sideCompletely made of stainless... more

Glass enclosure: squared design with double-glazing on the sideCompletely made of stainless steel
all visible sides polished
Inner well welded tight in a hygienic design
Polyurethane rigid foam insulation (compression-moulded)
coated fin coil evaporator with circulating air – can be folded up for cleaning
speed-controlled low-voltage fan
electronic controller with digital temperature display
fully-automatic defrosting
deep-drawn condensate drain HD 30
interior lighting on each level
cleaning-friendly glass enclosure
PRO version: Outer body flush and polished, suitable for protruding installation.

Modell: PRO square
Width: 1115
Depth: 695
Height: 1400
Version: E
Installation Opening width: 1065
Installation Opening depth: 670
Inner well width: 980
Inner well depth: 535
Inner well height: 215
Power consumption: 925 Watt
Voltage volt: 230
Voltage Hz: 50
Refrigeration : R452A
Cooling capacity: 1360 Watt at VT -10°C
Energy consumption kWh 24h: 7,8000
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